Monday, April 15, 2013

The Back Story

So, in order to fill you, dear readers, in on the "back story", I will give you the scoop.

I am a school psychologist who works in the Alaskan Bush.  When I first started this adventure five years ago, I also began writing a book.  Many people over the years expressed interest in reading my fruitful wanderings, however, only one or two ever responded as to the quality or interest of the writing.   Fearing that it was actually dreadful, I never pursued asking any but my closest friends whether it was worthy of a larger audience.

I have read a couple of sections at open mike readings around the South Jersey area with good response.  However, sometimes I feel like the politeness factor prohibits honest critique.  Often I get the impression that reading the ingredients of Campbell's soup with expression and cadence worthy of poetry would garner a rousing "Hey, that's great!"

In an effort to have my story told, I am seeking a non-traditional format to share my story.  The postings, I think, will be from my "book" and there will be current postings also.  It is my hope that I will capture the "real" Alaska and that readers will be inspired, touched, moved, and otherwise entertained.

Best, c